N-Force System

The N-Force System is a Sustainable Fineturf Nutrient Programme that utilises a proven grass specific, nitrogen fixing bacteria group to harvest nitrogen from the atmosphere for ‘on demand’ use by turf grass. Combined with the N-Force Granules (2-1-4), the system provides all the nutrients and microbial supports needed by grass for better, more consistent playing surfaces. N-Force readily fits with and can add security to existing ‘sustainable’ systems.

  • Hardy, even growth with consistent colour hold
  • Sustainable, low input programme – based in organics
  • No leach, natural NPK and trace elements – for environmentally better fertilisation
  • Proven option for golf links courses and short season sites

Application rate:
Liquid portion 10 litres/ha + Granular portion 30g/m2

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring to Autumn


NITROGEN FIXING (from the atmosphere)

Newburgh on Ythan championship course has used N-Force over 2 seasons and been “pleased with both sward health and colour continuity.”
— Jim Pease, Course Manager, Newburgh Golf Club