Fineturf TX 

10 weeks release

The TX fertiliser range contains a complex combination of organic materials, high in humic fractions and microflora food sources. The free-calcium and enzymes along with plant growth regulators give a slow even uptake of nutrients, guarding against soft lush top growth and encouraging deep healthy roots whilst minimising disease outbreaks. Low risk of scorching and reduced nutrient loss through leaching.

TX10 + Mycorrhiza

TX 10 fine turf fertiliser granules.jpg

5-2-8 with wetting agent

Applied regularly through the year, TX10 can stand alone or complement a main fertiliser release pattern for:

  • Sward density with less top growth
  • Greater wear tolerance under intensive play
  • Improved CEC capacity of sand top-dressed sites 
  • Mycorrhiza enhanced root hair soil web

Application options

  1. Spring and Autumn coring
  2. Regularly with liquid plant supports
  3. Light overlay to granular programme
  4. Spring into Winter fertiliser

Application rate: 30g/m2
(20-40g/m2 option as desired)

Recommended Period of Use:
All seasons



Golf greens and sand based sports grounds all suffer from a sparse mycorrhizal population that is easily damaged by compaction, excess water, fungicides and herbicides. 

Rebuilding the mycorrhizal stock Spring and Autumn as part of a TX10 application is the ideal solution to maintaining their presence.

Mycorrhiza are known to …

  • Provide a Nematode deterrent – through excreting an inhibiting fluid into the rhizosphere
  • Add a 100+ fold increase in the root absorption capacity – through its extended nutrient capture filament network
  • Promote better pathogenic fungi defences – through increased nutrient uptake that limits food for other fungi
  • Maintain chlorophyll (colour) in the leaf – through release of stored nutrients to the plant when under stress.

TX 5-1-16 +3Fe

TX 5-1-16+3.4Fe packshot.jpg
  • Built in CEC for potash longevity
  • Prolongs colourhold
  • Speciality dressing for low CEC root-zones

Application rate: 30g/m2

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring and Autumn

TX 11-1-5

TX 11-1-15 packshot.jpg
  • Pushes growth in cold conditions
  • Drives Spring and Summer growth
  • Well suited to acidic soil conditions

Application rate: 30g/m2

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring to early Autumn

TX 9-1-10

TX 9-1-10 fine turf fertiliser granules.jpg
  • Universal Spring into Summer fertiliser option
  • Maintains sward density and colour
  • Supports potash needs into Autumn

Application rate: 30g/m2

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring to Autumn

I have used TX10 over the past 7 years because it always gives me peace of mind, knowing that my greens will be in good condition with steady consistent growth and great sward density year round, especially at renovation times.
— Andrew Laing, Course Manager, Gaudet Luce Golf Club.