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For irrigated fineturf and coarse grass areas

Quadrop Balance is unmatched in ability to balance soil chemistry, manage water bicarbonate, reduce surface accumulation of suspended solids and provide key nutrients. No matter the water source or the root-zone soil type, there is a Quadrop Balance formulation perfect for your site:

  • Balance soil chemistry to lift CEC and improve percolation
  • Release ‘bound up’ and insoluble minerals
  • Supply supplementary nutrition - season long
  • Stop surface accumulation of water carried suspended solids
  • Correct water quality through bi-carbonate and acidic management

Application guide

Water test results will be used to determine the correct Quadrop Balance formula and dosing rate is correct for your site.

Quadrop Balance can be automatically injected at your water source or manually added to a holding tank. Most sites will dose Quadrop at around 200ml/m3 of water.

Quadrop has proven residual plant performance benefits which are realised by regular application over the growing season, beginning as early as practical and through to the first frost, regardless of rainfall or climatic conditions.

Pack sizes: 18 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litre, pump-off deliveries.

Water sources corrected with Quadrop Balance

Lake, dam and river waters usually contain suspended solids that clog soil profiles.

Quadrop will open the profile to allow suspended solids to wash through.

Bore waters can be high in bicarbonate and locked up minerals. Quadrop will treat the water so it is fit for purpose and trigger plant availability of those locked up minerals.

Mains water can be high in bicarbonate or have a nutrient stripping low pH. Quadrop will reduce bicarbonate and add key nutrients to support plant nutrient needs.

Grey water sources usually contain suspended solids (silts/clays/organic matter) and undesirable minerals (e.g. Sodium / Lead / Cadmium). Quadrop will ensure a more open profile to limit the accumulation of these unwanted solids and minerals in the soil.

Since using Quadrop this year we have found the greens stay greener and water seems to clear quicker. Financially we expect to save several thousand pounds in mains water bills by switching to the bore hole water treated with Quadrop.
— Craig Tidmarsh, Head Greenkeeper Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club