Rocastem is a liquid aerator and root stimulator that works at microscopic level to hit and help the 90% of the root zone you don’t get with mechanical aeration.

Working between core holes, Rocastem:

  • Drains and aerates
  • Firms turf surfaces
  • Opens soils to clear toxic root zone gas build up
  • Triggers plant vigour

Application rate: 10 lts/ha
Dilution: 1:25+ litres water

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring to mid-Winter

Rocastem has 4 actions:

  1. De-compacts the root zone by draining excess water and freeing silts, clays and fine sands
  2. Increases water percolation of trapped water to maximize soil aeration and root extension
  3. Encourages indigenous microflora consumption of excess organic matter
  4. Provides plant stimulus to pull grass through close mowing, heavy play and climatic stress

Rocastem is best applied as a programme of 4 to 5 treatments.

Regular application of Rocastem results in:

  • Firmer, truer playing surfaces year round
  • Drier warmer greens into Winter and earlier growth into Spring
  • Optimum moisture retention in the upper root zone
  • Root hair stimulation and healthy plant vigour

Since starting on the Rocastem programme we have seen massive improvements in green firmness even through exceptionally wet summers. Rocastem has also enabled us to reduce aeration leading to less disruption to the green surfaces saving us time and enhancing playing quality
— Nick Wild, Head Greenkeeper, Reddish Vale Golf Club