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Rootmass is formulated to trigger new rooting and increase rhizospheric nutrient exchange.

  • Trigger new rooting
  • Increase rhizospheric nutrient exchange
  • Increase volume and depth in the root-mass
  • Lift natural disease resistance 
  • Improve uptake of balanced nutrition for hardier growth
  • Low CEC root-zones will benefit from Rootmass

Spring through Summer application

  • Boost stress and wear tolerance

3–4 treatments, 21 days apart (up to 6 treatments in low CEC sand profiles)
Application rate: 10 litres/hectare

Early Autumn application

  • Restart rooting and strengthen grass against disease

2 treatments, 21 days apart
Application rate: 10 litres/hectare

Application rate: 10lts/ha
Dilution: 1:25+ litres water

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring to early Autumn