Water Correction

Bicarbonates in irrigation water

Most irrigation waters bring some bicarbonates and/or suspended organic solids to the sports turf root-zone, converting soil calcium to insoluble calcium carbonate and promoting compaction, which in turn leads to slowing percolation rates, reduced natural aeration and ultimately wet, spongy playing surfaces.

No matter the management regime, a bicarbonate level above 100ppm in irrigation water will impede optimum agronomic results on sports turf.

Terralift SoilMax Plus will resolve low level water bicarbonate percolation issues, while the Terralift Quadrop injection system will successfully treat indifferent water quality, re-balance soil chemistry and supply key plant nutrients.

Lake, bore, river and mains water sources that have low pH, bicarbonate, suspended solids or high pH may be limiting turf performance. Please refer to the Terralift Quadrop section for further details.

Standard rate: 200ml/1,000 litres