Black Spot


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Beneficial Black Spot is formulated to clean-up biologically harmful chemical residues:

  • Removes the likelihood of toxic residue build-up from chemical spraying
  • Rebuilds the microbial soil count following fungicide/herbicide/insecticide applications or oil spillage.

Beneficial Black Spot application

  1. Following fungicide, herbicide or insecticide applications – restores optimum growing conditions. Apply once.
  2. Use as an environmental tool to clear annual chemical residue build-up. Apply twice, 21 days apart in late Summer
  3. Following an oil spill – restore soil health. Apply once. Apply at 10lts/hectare (1 box), repeat as necessary

Apply anytime from Spring to Autumn.

Application rate: 10lts/ha
Dilution: 1:25+ litres water

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring to Autumn