Soilmax (Humic)

10L Soilmax.jpg

Soilmax is a 30% humic/fulvic acid solution to support grass performance

Recommended for use Summer and Autumn to:

  • Improve the uptake of soil solution nutrients
  • Build grass resistance to sward thinning
  • Build grass upright strength for Summer/Autumn play
  • Build grass resilience at lower cutting heights

4 month programme consists of 4 treatments at 3 – 4 week intervals.

Application rate: 20-30 lts/ha 
Dilution: 1:10+ litres water

Recommended Period of Use:
Summer to Autumn

Humic Acid in Soilmax

Humic acid is a hydro-carbon constituent of decomposed animal and vegetable matter. Humic acids are found in everything from recently decomposed manures to ancient animal and vegetable deposits known as leonardite and will range from acid to alkaline pH.

Most commercial humic acid concentrates (both solid and liquid) are hydroxide extractions from mined leonardite and as such are alkaline (usually in the range pH 8.3 to 8.9) – this form of humic acid has the disadvantage that when added to a neutral or acidic soil solution its carbon fractions coagulate to form inert blockages in soil pore space.

In its most concentrated liquid form humic acid is stripped of most of its inert carbon links and its constituents have been broken down to smaller molecular weights by microbial and/or acid treatment (either naturally or man induced) – in this form it is often called Fulvic Acid to identify it from its original less refined, mostly alkaline, higher molecular weight form.

Terralift’s Soilmax is different – it comes from the top layer of an ancient humate deposit that has been weathered over the eons by acid rains and has an active microbial population, which when composted, naturally produces a very low molecular weight humic acid without hydroxide extraction making it a true Fulvic/humic acid combination with a natural acidic pH.