Fineturf Soilfix

The Fineturf Soilfix range of products lifts the root zone’s ability to sustain turf performance by addressing key mineral shortfalls and providing organic trace elements. A valuable addition to all fertiliser programmes.

  • Covers Ca and Mg demand without soil surface pH impact
  • Builds CEC to support other applied NPK
  • Provides needed Mn, B and minor trace elements


Boost Ca and Mg in the base saturation in standard pH ranges (5.2-7.5)

25% Ca, 11% Mg, 1.3% Mn, 0.1% B

Low pH Ca

Contains mostly water insoluble Ca that will slowly dissolve into free-calcium in acidic soils (<6.5 pH), also buffers low pH.

Best suited to low pH root zones or where acidic irrigation water is used.

30% Ca, 5% Mg, 1.3% Mn, 0.1% B


Boost Mg in soils at any pH (5.0-8.0). 

Suitable on sites where Mg is clearly deficient and/or root development is poor.

18% Ca, 26 % Mg, 1.3% Mn, 0.1% B

High pH Ca

Contains Ca soluble in high pH soils (7.2+),
also contains Mg, Mn and B.

Ideal for high pH calcareous root zones and where soil calcium struggles to exist in freely available amounts to best support plant health.

24% Ca, 8% Mg, 1.3% Mn, 0.1% B

*Stated Ca and Mg values are oxides.

All Soilfix granules may be applied at 20g/m2 up to 3 times per season. SoilFix granules with their low leach structure and ideal calcium make-up outperform all calcium liquids, as Ca is slow to translocate to the root-zone and is mostly mown off before imparting benefit.

Consult your Terralift representative to determine the right Soilfix product for your situation.

Application rate: 20g/m2

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring and Autumn

Soilfix longevity and suitability in specific root zone pH ranges