Common problems and the Terralift Solution

This guide offers solutions to a number of common root zone problems that hinder the development of consistent, best performance sports turfplaying surfaces.

Black Layer
(Spring to Autumn)

Black Layer - click to enlarge

Fine core down to the layer (not through) during the growing season and follow programme as below:

Week 1  Rocastem (5lts/ha) and Rootmass (5lts/ha)
Week 2  Rocastem (5lts/ha) and Rootmass (5lts/ha)
Week 3  Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 4  Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 5  Rocastem (10lts/ha) and Plantmax (20lts/ha)

To develop the new growth, follow with Microflora 18-2-2 (40 lts/ha)

Surface Puddling

Surface Puddling - click to enlarge

Apply Rocastem at full rates each week for 3 weeks, finish programme with two more applications at full rates:

Week 1   Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 2   Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 3   Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 5   Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 7   Rocastem (10lts/ha)

Dry patch
(late Spring to Autumn)

Dry Patch - click to enlarge

Programme involves fine coring twice with TX10 fineturf soil builder, Rocastem and Rootmass applied as below:

Week 1   Fine core to 3cm and apply TX10 at 40g/1m2 + Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 2   Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 3   Fine core to 6cm and apply TX10 at 40g/1m2 + Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 4   Rocastem (5lts/ha) + Rootmass (5lts/ha)
Week 5   Rocastem (5lts/ha) + Rootmass (5lts/ha)

Disease prone sites

Disease - click to enlarge

Clear excess water, build disease antagonistic microbe populations and clean-up soft organic disease harbour:

Week 1   Rocastem (10lts/ha) + Red Spot (10lts/ha)
Week 2   Plantmax (20lts/ha) + Black Spot (10lts/ha)
Week 3   Rocastem (5lts/ha) + T-Thatch (10lts/ha)
Week 4   Rocastem (5lts/ha) + Red Spot (10lts/ha)
Week 5   Microflora 18-2-2 (40lts/ha)

(late Spring to Autumn)

Apply Rocastem at full rates for 2 weeks, follow with Rocastem and Rootmass at 1/2 rates for 2 weeks as below: 

Week 1   Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 2   Rocastem (10lts/ha)
Week 3   Rocastem (5lts/ha) + Rootmass (5lts/ha)
Week 4   Rocastem (5lts/ha) + Rootmass (5lts/ha)

Heavy Thatch
(Summer to Autumn)

Heavy Thatch - click to enlarge

Scarify then apply Rocastem and T-Thatch at full rates, two weeks later treat with T-Thatch at 3/4rate.

Week 1   Scarify + Rocastem (10lts/ha) + T-Thatch (20lts/ha)
Week 3   T-Thatch (10lts/ha) 

For buried thatch
(below scarifier depth)

Treat during a dry period.

Week 1   Rocastem (10lts/ha) followed by hollow coring with sandfill
Week 2   Rocastem (10lts/ha) + T-Thatch (10lts/ha)
Week 2   Rocastem (10lts/ha)


Apply TXm fertiliser to promote fine-turf grass species and deter moss.

Thinning sward – apply at 40g/m2.
Moss spotted fine turf surfaces – apply at 30g/m2 followed by 20g/m2 three weeks later.
Spot treat badly moss invaded areas – apply at 60g/m2.

Worm casts

Apply TXc fertiliser to promote sward density and deter worm casts

Thinning sward – apply at 30g/m2
Spring & Summer application – apply at 40-60g/m2
Autumn into Winter application – apply at 30g/m2