Fineturf T-Plex

14 week release 

The T-Plex range of fineturf granulars combine an organic complex with methylene urea technology to provide extended release over 14 weeks. Whilst delivering all the essential nutrients for healthy turf, the additional microbial support ensures the building blocks are in place for soil friability, water percolation and CEC within the root zone.


T-Plex 3-0-6

T plex 3-0-6 packshot.jpg

1:2 Low NK + MU

Organic with Methylene Urea (MU), 2% seaweed, 8% Calcium

  • Low N regime nutrition
  • Safe Winter fertiliser for colour
  • Builds soil reserves for Spring

Application rate: 30g/m2

Recommended Period of Use:
Autumn to Winter

T-Plex 8-0-16

1:2 High K + MU

Organic with Methylene Urea (MU), 5% Calcium

  • Balanced Spring to Autumn fertiliser
  • Ideal controlled release for loam conditions
  • Potash resilience into Winter

Application rate: 30g/m2 (40g/m2 for weak swards)

Recommended Period of Use:
Spring to Autumn

T-Plex 11-0-10

1:1 NK +MU

Organic with Methylene Urea (MU), 6% Calcium

  • Strong colour presentation
  • Ideal controlled release for sand conditions
  • Quickens growth into Summer

Application rate: 30g/m2
(35-40g/m2 on porous soil)

Recommended Period of Use:
Mid-Spring to early Autumn

The T-Plex Granular range of fertilisers allows me to maintain putting surfaces all year round. Continued controlled release keeps the grass healthy with reduced clipping yield, excessive organic matter is minimised, reducing the need for constant aggressive aeration and reducing amounts of top dressing.
— Michael Slack, Course Manager, Cowglen Golf Club