Soilmax Plus (Humic)


Soilmax Plus is a microbially developed acidifying solution
(with no sulphur) for buffering high pH soils and irrigation water.

Soilmax Plus will release insoluble calcium and provide humic acid supports to:

  • Release locked-up nutrients such as Calcium, Potassium,
  • Boron and Manganese
  • Increase water percolation
  • Delay soil compaction
  • Increase fertiliser efficiency
  • Ideal for use on high pH sites (above 7.0) or hard water areas

Application rate:
Std rate 20lts/ha.
Hard water 40lts/ha

Dilution: 1:7+ litres water

Recommended Period of Use:
Late Spring to Autumn

Application of SoilMax Plus

1. High pH soils

  • Apply at 40lts/ha; Dilution 1:10+ litres water
  • Check pH at 4 week intervals and repeat as necessary

2. High pH irrigation water

  • Use where irrigation water is contributing to
  • pH rise in the soil
  • Drip feed 200ml/100lts irrigation water every
  • 3 to 4 cycles

3. Calcareous sand root-zones

  • Solubolise small amounts of inert calcium in calcareous sand root-zones for use by grass
  • Apply at 40lts/ha
  • Treat twice in any 3 month period

4. Hinder Take-All development

  • Acidify the soil surface as a hindrance to ‘Take All’ development, particularly useful on new greens
  • If ‘Take All’ is already present treat site with Red Spot (or a fungicide) to disrupt fungal spore colonisation and follow-up 2 days later with Soilmax Plus
  • Apply at 2 litres/500m2 (40lts/ha)

5. Clean spray units and mobilise foliar treatments

  • Add 100ml/100lts of solution in the tank spray 

I have been using Terralift as the back bone to my greens and tees nutrient needs for the last number of years and I am delighted with the consistency and stability of greens achieved…..on high pH greens SoilMax Plus is a must!
— Willie Allen, Head Greenkeeper, Esker Hills Golf Club