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Q: Can I tank mix Rocastem with liquid iron?

A: Yes, in most situations this will be okay. We recommend not going above 20% concentration of Fe in the final solution. Rocastem is compatible for tank mixing with most nutrient solutions. Click here to go to the tank mixing compatibility chart

Q: Can I tank mix Red Spot with a fungicide?

A: No, Red Spot contains live bacteria that will be killed by fungicides. Red Spot can be used in conjunction with fungicides, we recommend applying Red Spot ahead of disease prone periods and using a fungicide when necessary.

Q: What spreader setting should I use for TX10?

A: K/M on Accupro 2000. Click here to go to spreader settings page.

Q: Are there living microbes in Terralift products?

A: In some yes, such as Rootmass, Red Spot, Black Spot and T-Thatch. Our famous granular TX10 contains freeze dried Mycorrhiza for reactivation in the rootzone once optimum moisture and temperature are achieved.

Q: Does Terralift have a smell?

A: Terralift fertiliser granules have no foul odour but have a humate fragrance like all fertilisers. Should you wish to minimise this scent we recommend light irrigation after application.

Q: Do Terralift fertilisers cause thatch?

No it does not cause excessive growth leading to thatch formation. Terralift fertilisers are mildly acidic and therefore release their nutrient in an even release pattern. Evidence shows that where good composted and cured fertilisers are used little, if any, organic matter gain is incurred.

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