Soil testing & nutrition programme service


Terralift offers valuable practical advice and technical support to the sports turf industry via our technical officers and comprehensive soil testing service. This service provides an easy to understand report that enables grass managers to make informed decisions on the factors limiting the performance of their grass.

Standard soil test

The standard service includes 3 soil samples and provides 6 readings that will identify nutrient deficiencies, highlight barriers to the air-water balance and key nutrient availability. It recommends the optimum application period, quantity and form of nutrition to advantage competent turf management.

6 readings

  • Organic Matter
  • pH
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium.


Premium soil test

The premium service is the most comprehensive soil test for sports turf available in Europe. Each soil sample is analysed for 29 meaningful readings that will build a profile of the site and the inter relationships within the results to identify a number of key factors limiting the performance of your grass. 

The premium soil test goes beyond nutrient deficiencies to identify many factors relating to soil development needs, microbial status and turf health.

The analysis will look at these important areas:

  • Base saturation and CEC
  • Aeration pore space
  • Water percolation ability
  • Salt levels
  • Disease suppression
  • Aerobic microbial activity
  • Compaction ability
  • Nutrient retention and uptake
  • Colour hold
  • Wear durability
  • Leaf strength

This service provides in-depth results interpretation, cultural recommendations and a proven bespoke root-zone development and plant nutrient programme.

The Terralift product group ‘stands apart’ in its capability to fully exploit the soil and plant potential regardless of soil type, pH, irrigation water quality and seasonal difficulties.

Over the last three years I have been using Terralift products. I have found that Terralift has a range of products that provides growing solutions to all conditions met on our golf course. Since I began using Terralift products disease outbreaks have reduced dramatically and finer grasses are now colonising my greens.
— Pat Conway, Head Greenkeeper, Blainroe Golf Club