Making the most of your soil profile with Terralift

Five year old green in Germany not using any Terralift products at time of photo.


Fescue greens grow-in and post grow-in management on mineral only fertilizer programme. Significant ‘black layer’ presence, shallow rooting developing and tight thatch formation.

Example of a USGA Spec, twenty year old green on Terralift programme at Esker Hills Golf Club in Ireland. Started a Terralift programme five years ago after the fescue grass surfaces became heavily polluted with annual meadow grass through conventional practices and materials. Now the greens have returned to almost 90% fescue dominance with annually only two micro-tine aerations a season and two over-seeding actions.

The upper profile of the picture shows a reduction of ‘thick’ layering and indicates better moisture movement. Rooting within the green has increased significantly without organic matter build up. The improvement in the greens condition, better drainage, firmness, lack of disease, better colour, no artificial plant growth regulator use, very moderate top dressing use has been achieved using Terralift.

The rate of over-seeding was restricted to a maximum of 30 bags of seed a year (20kg bags). Main Terralift products used are; TX10, Rocastem, Soilmax, TX9-1-10, Microflora 0-0-15 and T-Plex Granular 3-0-6. This great result was achieved by being able to limit excess organic matter production and recycle more of the plant produced organic matter each season, without having to resort to frequent aeration and top dressing thereby creating conditions more suitable for fescue establishment. This has been done in a high pH rootzone which is more difficult than mid to low pH environments.